Long-Term Archiving & Digital Preservation

The FTK has proven expertise in the field of Digital Preservation (DP). Thus the FTK has implemented several projects in the EU context and is an associate partner of the German competence network for digital preservation nestor.

Our thematic focus and competences in the field of Digital Preservation:

  • Analysis and comparison of existing concepts and international Digital Preservation standards of digital objects like “DIN 31644 :Criteria for Trusted Digital Repositories”, the BSI recommendations "BSI TR-03138 irreplaceable scanning (RESISCAN)" and "BSI TR-03125 evidence value of cryptographically signed documents (TR-ESOR)".
  • Compiling of international education offers and further training courses.
  • Conception and organization of workshops and transfer events.
  • Digital Preservation support for digital libraries, media archives and scientific data collections as well as of product life cycles and measurement and simulation data.
  • Modeling of digital long-term archives focusing on ingest processes, meta-data and packaging of archive contents, indexing and search support of archived information.
  • Integration of digital long-term archives with productive systems in the range of Electronic Publishing, Multimedia Content Production, Information Lifecycle Management and product data management.

We provide different types of support: information, consultancy, general advice and technical support.

  • We support you with information and advice about standards in digital long-term archiving and digital preservation support during the implementation of corresponding DP-projects inclusive integration and migration of existing or distributed archives.
  • We support you during the establishment of an OAIS compliant long-term archive system and will develop together with you a migration strategy from the actual to an OAIS compliant system.
  • We support you in the acquisition and analysis of existing and also necessary technical archiving infrastructure and with the development of your own standard compliant data center for long-term archiving.
  • We support applied research and development for managing and exchanging archived data which is compliant to the above technical standards.