About us

FTK – Research Institute for Telecommunication and Cooperation – has been founded in 1991 as an affiliated institute of the “Fernuniversität Hagen” and the “Bergische Universität Wuppertal”. It acts as host institution and coordinator for a variety of projects for the Federal State, the German Federal Government and the European Union as well as for private enterprise ventures.

Wherever communication and information technology based innovations and cooperation arrangements are being initiated, implemented and adjusted in economy or administration, FTK acts as an objective advisor with a well-grounded background in academic research and a high level of technical expertise.

The FTK is the right partner in the topics and applications in the field of Information and communication technology. With its competent team consisting of economist, computer scientists, humanities scholars and journalists the FTK operates interdisciplinary and is at the disposal for partners and clients with its expertise in research, counseling, information, development, project management and event organization

In the development and research context as well as in the field of knowledge transfer the FTK is currently working on the following subjects:

  • Long Term Preservation of Digital Information
  • eCommerce, Marketing & Web Development
  • eLearning & Qualification
  • Gamification
  • Digitalization and networking in and of companies (Industry 4.0, Collaboration)
  • IT-Security

The Research Institute for Telecommunication and Cooperation has its seat in the technology park Dortmund.