How can applied gaming principles and technologies preferably be utilized to support the development of skills and knowledge acquisitions for Europe's workforce? This is the research challenge that the RAGE project will address during the next four years through the involvement and coordination of gaming studios, researcher institutes, and educational and training providers throughout Europe.

Skills development

The RAGE project will develop and deploy applied games-pilots in such diverse fields as communication skills training in vocational education; digital creativity in support of regional development; empowering the unemployed with transversal competences for employability; soft-skills development in sports; conversational skills in crime investigation; and job searching skills for temporary workers.

Gaming studios

These pilots target over 3.000 participants throughout Europe. But the long-term benefit will be in the resulting technology resources – a collection of self-contained gaming assets that support game studios at developing applied games more efficiently and making them better suited for their purpose. RAGE will make these assets available along with a large volume of high quality knowledge resources through an online portal and social space that will connect research, gaming industries, intermediaries, education providers, policy makers and end-users.

The RAGE project

RAGE (Realising and Applied Gaming Eco-system) is a 48-months Technology and Know-How driven Research and Innovation project co-funded by the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon2020.

The project, launched on February 1st 2015, is co-ordinated by the Open University of the Netherlands and it includes 20 key partners from the game industry, the education sector and research centres from 10 European countries: Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom and The Netherlands. In concrete, RAGE will deliver:

1. Proven practices of using asset-based applied games in various real-world contexts,

2. An interoperable set of advanced technology assets tuned to applied gaming,

3. Centralised access to a wide range of applied gaming software modules, services and resources,

4. An online social space that facilitates collaboration that underlie progress and innovation,

5. Workshops and online training opportunities for both developers and educators,

6. Assets-based business cases supporting industry at seizing new opportunities, and

7. A business model and launch plan for exploiting RAGE results beyond project´s duration.

RAGE partner FTK

The core contributions of the FTK lie within designing the RAGE Ecosystem and leading the implementation of the backbone Virtual Information and Knowledge Environment infrastructure based on a Software Repository, a Digital Library, a Media Archive, an Online Training Portal and an Interactive Map of stakeholders and resources of RAGE. Furthermore, FTK will provide its expertise in the area of information retrieval, data mining and recommender systems, focusing on indexing software technology, documentation, media resources and learning content. Furthermore, FTK will contribute to RAGE Online Training Portal in the area of mobile learning support. Finally, FTK will support the technical development of the community support at the RAGE Ecosystem.

Contact information

Prof. Dr. Dominic Heutelbeck, +49 231-9750560

FernUniversität Hagen: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Hemmje, +49 2331 - 987 304

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